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Air Arabia Requires Dispatch Manager

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Air Arabia Dispatch Manager

Job Purpose

To act as the focal point and controller for all operational planned/un-planned activities to be performed in the UAE, Hubs and Outstations on 24/7 basis; ensures the (OTP) on all levels, safety and security of passengers, crew, and aircrafts in accordance with business requirements, GCAA/CAA regulations, and as per Air Arabia policies, procedures, and approved quality standards.

Key Result Responsibilities

1. Manages the dispatch contractual and operational activities, ensuring all are agreed, implemented and performed as per GCAA/CAA regulations, and as per Air Arabia adopted policies and procedures.

2. Oversees the Dispatch operations, staff, and  external relationships with focus on safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in managing operational requirements and human factors considerations

3. Supports in developing, and implementing policies and operating procedures to reduce accidents and mitigate disruption impacts; co-designs and defines the set of standards and measures related to compliance with commercial, quality, as well as regulatory bodies’ agreed standards and procedures.

4. Manages the manpower planning, utilization and allocation in line with business operational needs and in compliance with industry specific regulatory/legislative requirements ensuring Company’s objectives for cost reduction, safety, and security are achieved.

5. Partners with stakeholders to ensure cost-effective flights scheduling and block hours are planned and achieved whilst managing any rotations, cancellations, emergency cases and flights disruptions efficiently depending on given circumstances at a time.

6. Utilizes available data and reports from various sources to analyze the current practices in the related areas and identify options for reducing operating costs and enhancing recovery response plans, also, identify gaps and pitfalls and recommend effective solutions to ensure OTP (On Time Performance).

7. Provides valid technical recommendations on the planning of routes, schedules, and new destinations; oversees the operational requirements for all aerodromes and routes served, and any limitations to aircraft performance recommended by the Operations Controller.

Key Result Responsibilities

8. Generates a number of function related reports to highlight overall performance such as ETS (Fuel Emission) reports, etc.

9. Monitors the availability and compliance of the Flight Operations documentation with Air Arabia policies and procedures, GCAA/CAA regulatory standards and IOSA SARPs.  Ensures proper implementation of all relevant EFB related processes is timely and accurately achieved.

10. Represents Air Arabia at the regulatory “Emergency Planning Working Committee” meetings, negotiates with authorities for actions required for the continuous development of the Company’s “ERP”

11. Supports the Safety and Security Managers with valid recommendations for improvement to ensure business continuity.

12. Motivates, coaches, and monitors the performance of the team members to achieve high standards in results. Ensures qualifications and competencies are always reviewed in line with GCAA requirements.

13. Partners with HR to set objectives and identify KPIs for the respective team members; ensures his/her subordinates are fully aware and knowledgeable of their targets.  Provides on-going support and supervision to the team members to assist them achieve their goals and bridge any gaps identified.

14. Designs and develops effective staff training solutions ensuring mandatory professional and quality standards are specified and delivered for all hubs.  Ensures all regulatory training requirements for Dispatch staff are met and their records are maintained.

15. Ensures available resources such as manpower, systems, tools, and procedures related to his/her area are properly managed and utilized to achieve optimal error-free productivity and meet current and future Company’s needs.

For more details please refer to original job description.

Qualifications (Academic, training, languages)
  • Bachelor degree in Aeronautical/Statistics/Math/Science or equivalent from a recognized university.
  • Possess a valid “Flight Dispatcher Certificate of License” issued form an approved institute or organization, preferably GCAA, the license should be transferrable.
  • Emergency Response Plan related course is a must for this role.
  • Basic Airport, security procedures and regulations training are a must.
  • Professional membership of associations related to the Aviation/Airlines industry is a plus.
  • Project Management certificate or alternately the proven corresponding working experience is a must.
  • Cost Control, Compliance, Budgeting and Quality Assurance certificates and trainings are an added value.
  • Proficient in aircrafts operating systems, Microsoft Office (Advanced Excel), Internet, Web Search
  • Very good written and verbal communication skills, Technical reports writing, presentations, etc.
  • Fluent in English Language.
Work Experience
  • 15+ years of comprehensive experience in a comparable airlines company. In general with a minimum of 10 years in the Operations department;
  • He/she must have spent a minimum of 5 years in a leading role in the dispatch function as Dispatch Manager or Operations Controller; experience with low cost airline is preferred.
  • Hands on Flight planning (Fuel and ACT), Slot/Scheduling Management, Fleet Configuration, Payload capacity, Airport Operation, Emergency Response, etc.
  • Comprehensive exposure on Civil Aviation Authorities and regulatory bodies, preferably GCAA; familiar with regulations of CAR, FAR, JAR, and IOSA pertaining to Flight Operations and working procedures.
  • Exposure to QA/Safety/Security/Audit procedures and practices affecting Flight Operations and dispatch.
  • Experienced in designing, implementing, and monitoring performance of policies, procedures and manuals in line with approved standards and regulations.
  • Hands on managing schedules, rosters, and shift-pattern manpower allocation on a large scale.
  • Experienced in leading teams in a changing environment with heavy work-load schedules and ad-hoc scenarios; commitment to efficiency and successful safe results.
  • Composed, self-confident and focused, capable of handling emergencies and threats with efficiency.
  • Proven skills in analysing data, identifying pitfalls and recommending cost-effective solutions.

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