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An Indian State with 3 Capitals !

A State with Three Capitals

Bit bizarre to hear – right?  But it is correct when we talk about this South Indian State – None other than Andhra Pradesh.

The state has two main political parties named YSR Congress which rules the state and Telugu Desham Party (TDP).  Both are having their own arguing points for keeping and changing the existing capital Visakhapatanam.

As a solution for resolving the conflict, the ruling party had came up with the idea of having multiple capitals in January 2020 – not just two but three, dividing centers of decision making according to portfolios allocated.  It had passed two bills in the state assembly which was turned down by the TDP dominated upper house named the Legislative Council.

Courtesy: Social media

If both the houses of power centres passes the bill, Andhra will have three cities as capitals named Visakhapatanam, Amaravati and Kurnool.


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