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An Indian State with No Capital!

A State with No Capital

The state with technically no capital is comparatively a new one which is formed in the year 2000.  India had many new states after 2000.  When Andhra Pradesh is having options (not yet finalized) of even three capitals, while Chandigarh is shared by Haryana and Punjab.

Uttar Pradesh state had split into multiple states and one among the newly formed states is Uttarakhand.  The problem of not finalizing Capital City rather mentioning about state capital remained as an issue.  Eventually the state Uttarakhand is not having a Capital till date.

Main issue of not having capital was the demand of peoples’ group who wanted a separate state who vied for Gairsain city as capital.

For time being the Uttarakhand state has a temporary Capital ‘Dehradun’ where maximum population is having rather the most dense city in the state.


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