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Anti Ageing Invention By Israeli Scientists

News Link: Anti Ageing Invention By Israeli Scientists – By: News Desk

It seems like humans are near attaining the never-possible thing of earlier times. The news from Israeli Scientists and Researchers gives hope to millions of people who are striving hard to keep their younger look.

As reported by Times Of Israel and Al Jezeera News, the Treatment or Therapy is called Reverse Ageing. This is claimed to have shown results that helps to reduce a person’s age by 20 to 25%.

The Process they call it as ‘ Oxygen Therapy’. The treatment is given in a special chamber. It is called as Hyper Baric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT). It is a pressurized chamber. Participants need to sit in the chamber for 90 minutes every day continuously for five days. The total course is of 90 days. This enables the patient or participants to breathe only oxygen for some time.

This Oxygen Therapy will make the required change in the DNA of the participant – Claims Shai Efrati – Senior Geriatrician of Tel Aviv University. During Oxygen Therapy, the Telomeres or the Chromosomes get extended by 20 to 25 % based on the age of the participant. This makes one to experience ageing at a later period.

While the whole world is trying to get solution to get the Chromosome extended, our Oxygen therapy found the result – Mr. Shai claimed. A mouse that is the first recipients of the therapy and showing satisfactory improvements.

As per reports, it will take another two years to get it tested on human beings on a broader way.

It is the Ageing Magazine that reported the news on 18th November 2020 for the first time. Times Of Israel, and Al Jazeera news also reported it on 23rd November.

As per Shair Efrati, once it is declared safe or having minimal side effect, booking of the chamber will see an influx of seekers.

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News Link: Anti Ageing Invention By Israeli Scientists – By: News Desk


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