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Banarasi Sarees with QR Code Woven to Verify Real Identity

New Link: Banarasi Sarees with QR Code Woven to Verify Real Identity – by ND News Desk

The genuineness of the Banarasi sarees can be known from a Q R code that will be woven into the sarees by hand.

A research team at the department of Mechanical Engineering (Industrial Management) of Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University (I I T-B H U) has come up with this new technique. 

The Q R code will include details of saree, Silk Mark, Banaras Geographical Indications (G I) logo and handloom mark logo.

The purpose of the research work done by I I T (B H U) and Angika co-operative society aims at confidence-building measures using QR code and logos on sarees in the handloom industry. Also they said that the inbuilt weaving of the logo in the saree would indicate the purity of it. This will provide confidence to the customers to choose the right handloom saree. And also, prevent misuse of handloom and its products.

I I T Pro. Prabhas said, as per the study done by the research scholar, I T based applications has a wide application in the textile industry. And the handloom industry of Varanasi will have to adopt a modern approach.

How to verify if a Banarasi Saree is Original :

The manufacturer can weave the Q R code on the saree. And it will include the details of its firm and manufacture. If a customer wants to know about a product, he can scan with mobile app to know about it. He will get all details entered in the QR code, like place of the manufacturer, date of manufacture, etc… In addition to creating confidence in customers, sales will also increase.

According to the research study, most customers are not aware of the difference between handloom and power-loom made saree. And only a limited number of customers know about the G I mark and handloom mark.

M. Krishna Prasanna Naik, a research scholar said that the Banaras handloom industry faces a major issue in marketing the products.

He added, a fully designed saree consists of 6.50 meters in length.  It includes 1-metre blouse piece. And after the saree part is completed, they weave a part of 6-7 inches of plain fabric before the blouse piece. This is the patch containing the QR code and the other three logos.


For the first time, Amresh Kushwaha, chairman of the Angika co-operative society, and Angika, a Varanasi-based designer, have put the concept into action. Customers are unsure about the saris’ uniqueness due to a lack of proper use of G I. And also handloom marks, they claim.

They said, as a result they are attempting to insert the QR code as well as handloom mark logs into such sarees. It will assist the domestic and international clients in distinguishing between handloom and power loom items.

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