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BEEMA BAMBOO – The Best ‘Carbon Sink’ Delivering Clean Oxygen

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We live in an era where Global warming and climate change is a threat to the universe. It is the duty of human beings to find a solution to the dangers posed by man through the exploitation of nature. Environmentalists across the world suggest reducing the pollution levels of air, water and land. A team of researchers in Tamil Nadu has found a solution to support our environment.

Growmore Biotech L t d ., an agro technology company, based at Hosur, Tamil Nadu is one such company that has come forward with such a move to support nature. They have developed a new variety of  bamboo called BEEMA BAMBOO  to mitigate global warming and climate change. Dr N Bharathi, an agricultural scientist of Growmore Biotech L t d developed this new bamboo.

Beema or Bheema Bamboo is a superior clone, selected from Bambusa balcooa, a bamboo species that produces higher biomass. This clone is thorn-less and sterile.

Why Beema Bamboo ?

The uniqueness of the new bamboo variety is that it grows very fast. They can grow up to one and a half feet per day in the tropical regions. A fully-grown bamboo is  capable of delivering 300 k g of oxygen per year and it may be sufficient for one person for one year. Moreover, it absorbs carbon dioxide and also release oxygen into the atmosphere 3 – 4 times higher than many other trees. It is the best ‘carbon sink’ developed to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions.

They have the ability to absorb the carbon dioxide present in the air. If planted in one acre of land, these bamboos help to remove 80 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year.

These bamboos are of thorn-less variety. They cannot produce new shoots or seeds on their own. They can last for hundreds of years. It means that they can provide greenery and fresh air to an area for a long time. The new bamboo variety developed using tissue culture methods. As its roots provide a strong foundation, the plant becomes strong against natural forces. Hence, it plays a major role in mitigating global warming and climate change. They grow in all types of soils. Germs or other diseases will not affect these bamboos.

According to the research studies, it has got diverse uses –
  • It’s calorific value is equal to that of coal.
  • Cement industries buy this bamboo species for their boilers.
  • Bamboo fibre is also used by the textile industry for making fabric and garments.

An ‘oxygen park’ with giant bamboo shoots is located on the campus of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore.

The Beema Bamboo can be an excellent choice for making the earth greener and mitigating climate change.

BEEMA BAMBOO – The Best ‘Carbon Sink’ Delivering Clean Oxygen

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