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Cipla’s Rapid Antibody Detection Kit Launched

News Link: Cipla’s Rapid Antibody Detection Kit Launched – by MK (Editor)

India’s leading drug maker, Cipla Limited, on Wednesday announced that it had launched Covi-G kit. Product is for coronavirus disease antibody detection that gives results within 10 minutes.

The kit has a sensitivity and specificity of 92%. It means kit has this ability to detect true negatives and true positive results.

The company signed a licensing agreement with a Belgium-based firm, Multi G. Thi is for the distribution of their Covid-19 Rapid Antibody test kit.

This licensing agreement is part of Cipla’s efforts to enhance global access to life- saving treatments. It has also diagnostic infrastructure for patients in need – said the company in a statement.

As part of the agreement, Cipla will be responsible for distribution of these rapid antibody kits that will be manufactured by MultiG. This will be Marketing under the brand name Covi-G. Covi-G is among the earliest antibody kits to declare CE-compliance and is awaiting approval by ICH country regulators.

It is commercialized in at least 20 countries already, with sensitivity and specificity exceeding 92%. The kit tests for both IgM and IgG antibodies, using a single-prick blood test. The kit gives results within 10 minutes.

Apart from an epidemiological tool for mass screening, this point of care test can also be used to detect patients who have had a suspected non-symptom or mild infection in the past. Identify potential plasma donors and possibly prioritize less immune people for vaccines.

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News Link: Cipla’s Rapid Antibody Detection Kit Launched – by MK (Editor)


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