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Delhi Zoo Taking Precautions As The Flu Strikes

News Link: Delhi Zoo Taking Precautions As The Flu Strikes – By MK (Editor)

The Delhi zoo authorities said they are taking all precautions to ensure the safety of its inhabitants. There are reports of carcasses of crows being found in east Delhi’s Mayur Vihar poured in on Friday.

The Delhi zoo has been closed for visitors since March last year. The nationwide lockdown was imposed to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Officials said that in the coming days, teams from Delhi government’s animal husbandry department will be taking samples from the zoo as a precautionary measure. Meanwhile, a standard operating procedure (SOP) is also being followed on the zoo premises by authorities.

“All the enclosures are being disinfected thrice a day, with special focus on areas where wild and migratory birds come in. Enclosures are also being inspected regularly to check for any symptoms of flu” said a Delhi zoo spokesperson.

Prevention Mode:

As a precautionary measure, the National Zoological Park has also stopped ordering chicken from N C R towns and from other wholesale markets. Usually, the Delhi zoo orders around 40 – 50 kilos of chicken to feed the animals there.

“We have stopped feeding chicken to animals. This is not only for the safety of animals but also for the safety of the enclosure keepers, Officials said.

Moreover, officials said that they are careful and do not want a repeat of the 2016 bird flu epidemic at the Delhi zoo Which had led to the death of several birds. The Delhi zoo, is one of the most popular tourist spots of N C R. Therefore, it was closed for visitors for nearly three months after the 2016 scare.

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News Link: Delhi Zoo Taking Precautions As The Flu Strikes – By MK (Editor)


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