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Doctors removed 20 Nematodes Worms from a man’s Eye

News Link: Doctors removed 20 Nematodes Worms from a man’s Eye

When 60-year-old Wan experienced a strange feel inside his eye a couple of months ago. He visited a hospital nearby and a cluster of live worms that were recently removed by doctors in China.

Wan had initially ignored the slight irritation in his eye, thinking it to be due to tiredness. However, when the irritation turned into pain, Wan visited a local hospital in the city of Suzhou. He then was admitted for a thorough examination.

On investigating, doctors found at least 20 live worms under the man’s right eyelid. Following the examination, Wan underwent treatment, where the doctors removed the cluster of worms.

The worms were identified as nematodes. It is a common parasite in the conjunctival sac and tear ducts of animals such as dogs, cats, and others.

Dr Xi Ting, who conducted the medical test, later told the news website. – “That the larvae take around 15-20 days to develop into worms”. While Wan told the doctors that he did not keep any pets, he admitted to going out for workouts and coming in touch with animals.

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