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Emirates Group Requires Safety Manager (ID:2100002G)

News Link: Emirates Group Requires Safety Manager (ID:2100002G)

Job Purpose

The Safety Manager, Ground Operations position reports to the Manager, Engineering and Ground Safety. The role guides and supports the implementation of the Emirates Safety Management System (SMS) throughout Ground Operations as well as other business-wide operational activities as directed by senior management.

This position directs the safety management activities such as reviewing, evaluating and processing safety reports, analysing data, hazard identification and risk assessment, monitoring and measuring safety risk, change management, safety promotion, and report writing and recommendations to minimize the risks in Engineering and Ground Operations.

Assure the effective execution of the Emirates SMS through:

30%: Directing safety risk management activities including but not limited to:

– Safety risk rating of all GSRs, DGRs and other Ground Safety related reports.

– Monitoring and reviewing GSR, Technical ASR, ESR and DGR safety recommendations and corrective actions to ensure that effective follow-up actions have been taken and identifying further recommendations and corrective actions as needed.

– Proactive hazard identification ensuring ongoing monitoring and measurement activities

– Overseeing various safety risk assessment activities

– Ensuring that risk registers are kept up-to-date and reviewed regularly

30%: Overseeing safety assurance activities including but not limited to:

– Investigation of the issues raised in each safety report and following up to ensure that identified issues are mitigated, and closed as per department KPIs

– Writing and presenting investigation reports and recommendations to senior management regarding changes to policy, procedures and practices to enhance safety performance

– Issuing corrective and preventative actions in response to safety report findings, tracking implementation, and continually monitoring and measuring effectiveness of implemented mitigations

– Change management activities as outlined in the Emirates SMSM and SMSM

– Overseeing the frequent monitoring of departmental recommendation registers and change management plans

– Managing the preparation and presentation of collected materials and data analysis for the relevant Safety Action Groups and Safety Boards

– Directing research into irregular events occurring during Emirates Ground operations. Presenting these findings to senior management on a regular basis.

– Researching and analysing Emirates SDCPS data and related industry data.

– Presenting leading indicators to safety action groups and safety boards

15%: Partnering with the SMS Standards section to ensure consistent standards and effective safety promotion though training, awareness and communication activities including but not limited to:

– Implementation of effective safety campaigns

– Contributing safety content for safety publications

– Acting as an information conduit to bring safety issues to the attention of Manager, Engineering and Ground Safety and to deliver timely safety information to relevant stakeholders

– Communicating proactively with all stakeholders to ensure continuous safety improvement throughout Emirates engineering and ground operations

– Leading proactive culture improvement programmes based on continual assessment of the safety culture within Ground Operations

– Similarly preparing and implementing SMS standards throughout Ground Operations

15%: Providing strong and consistent performance management including but not limited to:

– Regular reviews with teams and individual employees using the company approved approach and tools

– Supporting colleagues through regular coaching and mentoring

– Actively managing and monitoring personal development plans    

10%: Managing projects and activities such as external safety audit programmes and liaison with all related internal departments and external agencies including but not limited to:


– Internal Audit

– Compliance monitoring

Qualifications & Experience

– Degree or Honours (12+3 or equivalent) :

– Medical/Safety.Flight Safety : 8+ Years

– Degree relevant to a safety investigation role or equivalent specialised professional qualifications such as Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, or Airline Transport Pilots Licence, Cabin Crew or Licensed Air Traffic Controller, along with an Aircraft Accident Investigator qualification.

– Also experience in aviation industry experience, including carrying out safety investigations and demonstrating strong technical report writing skills.


– Familiar with modern safety management systems, safety databases, flight data monitoring, systemic investigation techniques, human factors and risk management.

– Knowledge of airline management, modern aircraft operation and associated technology, particularly flying operations, cabin operations, engineering / maintenance, ATC, airport systems, ground operations, human factors / psychology, as appropriate to the role and business requirements.

– Safety Sensitive Role: Yes

Salary & Benefits

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