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Environment Friendly Vehicles from Mahindra

Mahindra Electric Rikshaw and Cars

Mahindra Electric Globally Launches MESMA 48 (Mahindra Electric Scalable Modular Architecture) platform to build Environment Friendly Electric Vehicles.

As per Mahindra, it had powered more than 11000 Electric Vehicles so far for Indian Roads. Mahindra is a founding partner of event Global Electric Vehicle Day hosted by the sustainability media company Green TV. 

The Launch of Electric Rickshaws and cars released on the day for Global Electric Vehicles.   The Rickshaw is named as TREO and the Ex-Showroom price of the Rickshaw in South Indian State of Kerala is INR 270,000/- ( Two lac seventy thousand)

The main attraction of the vehicle is the running cost – which is 50 paise per kilometer – the company claims.

Specification of the Rickshaw includes a Highest Speed of 55 KM per hour, An Acceleration of 0 to 20 KM in just 2.3 seconds, with a gradeability of 12.7 degrees as per CEO Mr. Mahesh Babu. 

“Our goal with EVs is to revolutionize first and last mile transportation globally and take e-mobility to the masses. World EV Day is a great forum for us to discuss the next big ideas for the global markets and we take this opportunity to launch our MESMA 48 platform globally,” added Mr. Mahesh Babu.


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