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Extra Safety Number Plate is Mandatory on Vehicles Now

Indian Vehicle number plates are in different colors like red, green, blue and yellow. Each number plate is for different use. Colors indicate the status of the vehicle too. The green number plate indicates the fuel used in the vehicle; i.e., electric vehicles.

There are 10 types of number plates used in India. The black letters on the white board indicate private passenger vehicles. The black text on the yellow background is for taxis and commercial vehicles. The yellow letters on the green board is for electric transport taxis and the white numbers on the green background mentions private-transport electric vehicles.

Temporary registration number plates are with red numbers on a yellow background. Vehicle dealers will have a white numbered number plate on the red background.  Rental vehicles will have a black and numbered number plate.

The vehicles of the President and the Governor have a red number plate with the official emblem of the country.  Blue number plate is used by consulate and diplomatic vehicles.

Ministry of Defense Vehicles are also having special number plates.

As per new directives by Motor Vehicles Department, extra safety number plates are mandatory to prevent vehicle fraud and to ensure the safety of vehicles.  Extra safety number plates are mandatory for vehicles manufactured since April 2019.

The security number plates are made of one mm thick aluminum sheet. Furthermore, it is Tested and passed by the testing agency and manufactured in accordance with AIS: 159: 2019. The four edges and corners of the plate are rounded. There boarder is in an embossed style. The 20 x 20 mm size chromium based hologram is hot stamped on the top left side of the plate to prevent the formation of fake plates. The hologram has the Ashoka Chakra in blue.

The plates come with a 5-year warranty too. Below left side has a 10-digit laser brand identification number. Above the letters, there is a hot stamping film with the word ‘India’ written on it. The plate is hot-stamped in blue with the word IND in the middle on the left side. Also, these plates are fitted with a snap locking system that is non-removable and cannot be used after removal too.


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