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Google Pixel 4a Surprises

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Google continues to impress with the Pixel 4a equipped with an improved camera. That it is easy on the bank account is an added bonus.

We often talk about the cult of Apple, OnePlus or Samsung. But Google’s impact on the smartphone community is not as discussed as it should be. The 2020 addition to the ‘a’ series, as Google calls it, is the Pixel 4a.

Specification include
Full-screen 147.6 mm (5.8″) display , 128 GB storage
Processors: Qualcomm
12.2 MP dual-pixel Rear camera:
8 MP Front camera

India would not be releasing the Pixel 4. The radar-powered Soli motion-sensing system uses a radar frequency not allowed in the country. Google did not expect despite India being one of its biggest markets. This feature itself largely sets the 4 series apart from the 3. Google had to adapt to launch the 4 variants in India.

One of the most exciting additions to the Pixel 4a is that, like the 4, it has astrophotography capabilities. Thanks to a combination of integrated long exposure and the in-built AI.

While we are discussing visuals, as expected, the cameras on the Pixel 4a do not disappoint. Portrait Mode has a faster focus thanks to the upgraded Live HDR+ with dual exposure controls; the composition and colour balancing are crystal clear and true-to-life. If you are keen on making printable memories with minimal creative direction, this is right up your alley. Night Mode has HDR+ feature and gives a preview of your shot before you take it.

For example, the device’s Super Res Zoom is intact and more responsive. To clearly shoot a subject about seven feet away, I did not have to move an inch; I only had to tilt the camera for right framing.

To Note:

The best part of Pixel 4a is Android 11, which comes with a lot more control for the user, security-wise. The world shouted, for a really long time, and Google finally listened.

Pixel 4a’s 3,140 mAh battery at first glance may not be exciting, given the most cheaper smartphones have at least a 4,000mAh strength. But Pixel’s standard Adaptive Battery keeps the device going for a full day, adjusting power distribution depending on your activity. Powered centrally by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G chipset, the device is whip-fast. And it enables the improved and more intuitive Google Assistant to make the user experience more comfortable too.

Finally, the Pixel 4a is a competitive addition to the already bustling budget-friendly smartphone segment. This is the market occupied by the OnePlus Nord, iPhone SE, and Samsung M51. Buy Pixel 4a if you are on the lookout for something under ₹45,000 packed with the features of an expensive smartphone.

Price for Pixel 4a is above ₹30,000 as per available sources.

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Compiled by – MK (Editor)

Google Pixel 4a Surprises


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