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High Rich Online Shopping App Download

The High Rich Online Shopping App Download

High Rich Online Shopping:

High Rich Online Shop is one of the biggest online and physical stores from Kerala.  Based in Thrissur, Kerala, the company had reached high in terms of sales, customers and branches across the state.  The promotors had introduced many new concepts into the online market of Kerala customers.  The customers are having a chance of becoming the share holders of the company.  That means the owners as well as customers of a company at same time.

High Rich Online Shopping

The company started as an online supermarket which has godown cum outlet facility.  The concept became successful.  More and more customer got into the customer base on an hourly basis.

High Rich PIN Code:

The company started new branches to serve people of more areas.  In order to be in a system of development and opening new outlets, it had introduced another innovative system of opening outlets at every PIN code (Postal Index Number) in Kerala first.

Using the PIN Code to determine the branch had a development plan of all India based outlet opening in the future.  The new idea of PIN code based show rooms or outlets clicked well.  Many franchisees came into the business faster.

High Rich PIN Code

Initially only North Kerala had enough outlets especially Thrissur and Malappuram districts.  Now almost all Kerala Districts having multiple stores.  In fact, only few PIN codes are having the status of no High Rich show room in Kerala.

High Rich Online Business Kerala:

High Rich Online Business is a binary system-based plan.  It is definitely not a money chain.  The company is registered as an online trading establishment for daily use items.  Groceries, households, fashion, Electronics etc. are its mainframe business.

There is a business opportunity for everyone who has a will to put few hours effort.  There is no investment.  Only an INR800/- worth purchase can bring in two earning ways.  The incentive of people joining after that and purchase incentives from items purchased by people jointed later.

High Rich Online Business Kerala

The income keeps growing when people work and more people are added, then a part of them buys items online from High Rich Online Business.

Next opportunity is supplying items to store.  If a buyer has some items that can be sold online, they can sell it to Highrich and get commission along with cost of that product(s).

High Rich Franchisee Store:

Another option of earning is opening franchisee or showroom of the company in any PIN code area of Kerala where no High Rich showrooms are there.  70% of the profit is for the investor or franchisee owner.  

High Rich Franchisee Store

The main feature of this business plan is that all marketing effort will be taken by the company itself.  The investor has no expenditure for that.  Moreover, the unit will get more customers from neighboring PIN code area if the item sought by the customer is easily available within the showroom and it is the nearest one.

High Rich Online Shopping App Download:

Today’s world, every business and services are on the fingertips of a customer.  A smartphone does almost all the business these days.  No difference in case of online grocery shopping as well.

High Rich Online Shopping App Download

Every thing is controlled through mobile applications (App).  Play store and Appstore has short cuts of almost all companies that are customer oriented.  High Rich Online Shopping App Download is one of maximum downloaded online business-related apps in Kerala.  As the number of showrooms increased, the business and customers also increased as a result.  The app is updating with more and more products and details of business in a steady speed.

High Rich Login:

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