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High Rich Online Shopping – Kerala’s Online Shopping

News Link: High Rich Online Shoppe – Kerala’s Answer To Online Shopping Making Waves – By ND Business Desk

High Rich Online Shopping is a new shopping culture finding its place in Keralites’ online experiences. As per information gathered by News Dunes Business Desk, it is going to spread its wings Pan India. The new name of shopping experience is High Rich Online Shoppe.

As per senior marketing executive Mr. Hari, the company is not new. It started its operation in the year 2016. Founded by Mr. Prathapan – then a Techno-savvy sole proprietor of a trading company, gave his all expertise and effort to grow the Company to a new level. Now managed by a dedicated board of directors, it is having nearly 200 outlets and 80 ware houses in India – the majority of them in Kerala.

Every day new brands and outlets are added to the network. Moreover, new affiliate marketing partners are the one who makes the change. The reason being – it has a comparatively higher reward system than the ones in Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Clik, etc.

The Reward System and Functionality as per Company:

Other than buying favourite brands and required items online, Highrich online shoppe is a unique business opportunity where everyone can generate income without any investment.

Unlike the online giants, the company’s head office is situated in India – Thrissur (Kerala State) . It is a growing e-commerce company in Kerala and India.

It has both opportunities to buy daily necessities at huge discounts and thereby earn a steady income.

If a portion of India’s 135 crores of population decides to buy daily necessities at a price less than market price, that is sufficient.  The less than market price is made possible by avoiding middle men commission.  Producers and manufacturers can directly supply items to the store with a sponsor code. That sponsor code can be of a selling affiliate or a separate one.  There is no better opportunity than this.  Mr Hari added.

The company is not giving us the profit from over charging the products. All you have to do is pay Rs 800 in one go and you will get a product for that value – That makes you eligible to get a Privileged customer and an affiliate.  You can start earning while buying things and adding customers under you.  Every new customer needs a sponsor code – that can be yours too.  News members joining to the privileged member list will be added in a binary system method and the chain will grow doubling the customer list two under one pattern.  One can add any number of customers and any number of days.  There is no limit.  But binary incentive per day is limited to INR 5000 per day.

One can register as a normal member too without the initial purchase.  The earning eligibility won’t be there in this case.  

The tagline of the company says: “Quality consumer goods at affordable prices”

Customers get products from the same branded companies they are currently using in categories of rice, sugar, salt and pepper etc.

The company’s ware houses are being set up in all PIN Code (Post Office) areas in Kerala to deliver through ‘Cash On Delivery’ system.  At present there are more than 80 ware houses in Kerala.

Any ordinary person can yield success through High Rich Online Shopping System – thanks to its designing – And it is growing rapidly in Kerala: he said.

To become a customer or affiliate, the only way is approaching through a sponsor code.

The opportunities that Highrich gives us:

1. Re purchase income: – (Purchasing daily necessities from the site Called re-purchase)

If members who joined through us (our team) re purchases from warehouses, the sponsor receives a portion of that purchase value’s incentive up to 18 level below his/her level. 

2. First purchase income: –           

Opportunity to do business as a privilege customer through a first purchase of INR 800. According to the number of first purchase made by customers we receive, one can earn between Rs. 200 and Rs. 5000 per day with left and right matching in the binary system.

3. Digital Income: –

Those who think repurchase and first purchase are not possible can earn income through digital id activation.  Digital membership activation can be done for Rs 10,000. The company distributes equal share of the profits from digital marketing (social media marketing) to all those who do digital activation.

4. Store income: –

Opportunity to sell and market our products.  If producers or manufacturers sell to the company through us, we also get a dividend.  The supplier also gets an Opportunity to market their products all over India.

5. Chance to start a ware house under a zip code at a cost of Rs. 10 lakhs:

This is an opportunity to own 30-35% of the profits from the ware house by selling the company.

Above all, the chance to buy every thing we need in our homes at a huge discount and thereby earn a direct saving.

High Rich presents us with a full pack system of chances that can access by any skilled or semi skilled person.  It has a wonderful online access system that matches with any international ones with reports to presentation to the response.

Lastly, Mr Hari reminds us – You should not miss this chance to be a part of this growing business that gives a good income with little financial spend and time. He had provided TWO Dedicated Sponsor Codes and a Whats App Number For News Dunes readers:

SPONSOR IDs: HRAJ723442 , HRAJ718580 & Whats App: +91 97453 93353

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High Rich Online Shoppe – Kerala’s Answer To Online Shopping Making Waves


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