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Huawei-P50 Opts Liquid Lens Camera Technology

News Link: Huawei-P50 Opts Liquid Lens Camera Technology – By MK (Editor)

Huawei has been a brand that’s been constantly innovating when it comes to camera technology with its smartphones. And now a new report suggests that the company could be ready to attempt something more ambitious.

Reports suggest Huawei’s P50 series will come with liquid lens camera technology. Which can bring down the focusing time while clicking photos to mere milliseconds. The information claims that this new liquid lens technology will be mass-produced and commercialized next year.

The report also claims that the new lens will primarily be used for the telephoto cameras. Huawei also looking to launch other products that would take advantage of this technology. Interestingly, this is not the first time we are hearing about the company working on liquid lens technology. The company previously applying a patent for the technology in December 2019.

There have previously been reports about the Huawei P50 series possibly housing the ‘Liquid Lens Camera Module.’ While it remains unclear as to what benefits the new lens technology will offer. But it is said that it will offer certain advantages like fast autofocus speeds which if reports are to be believed could be brought down to milliseconds. This is said to be similar to the human eye which offers an accuracy rate of almost 100 percent.

For now, the problem remains with perfecting the technology and making it consumer-grade ready. However, it is believed that the company could make the technology more durable and then eventually start rolling it out on its phones.

Talking about the phone, the Huawei P50 is expected to come powered by the new Kirin 9000 chipsets. Additionally, it has also been reported that the Samsung Display and LG Display are ready to supply OLED panels for the new models. Citing people with direct knowledge of the matter. Samsung Display acquired a license to trade with Huawei back in October and it seems that LG did so as well

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News Link: Huawei-P50 Opts Liquid Lens Camera Technology – By MK (Editor)


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