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Humpback Whale Sighted In New-York Harbor

News Link: Humpback Whale Sighted in New-York Harbor – By MK (Editor)

A humpback whale ready for its close-up frolicked in front of the Statue of Liberty. One World Trade Center and other iconic sights off New York Harbor on Tuesday.

“The whale just blew about 1,000 feet off my bow!” Bjoern Kils, 41, gasped as he snapped photographs of the creature. He estimated to be about 40 feet (12 meters) long.

The U.S. Coast Guard confirmed reports of the sighting. Said it would get involved only if the whale became entangled or otherwise became endangered.

“We’re aware, but it’s pretty normal that we get whales out there,” Petty Officer Anthony Pappaly added to the answer.

In recent years, more than a dozen humpback whales have been detected in New York waters. Some as close to shore as 550 yards (500 meters) from the beach in Rockaway, Queens.

Kils, whose New York Media Boat transports news crews and magazine photographers. He spotted the whale at about 10 a.m. near Ellis Island.

He immediately tried to warn other vessels to give it wide berth in the hopes. It might swim safely through the Narrows tidal strait separating Staten Island and Brooklyn and out into the Atlantic Ocean. Vessels motoring toward the whale included the Staten Island Ferry, a cargo ship and several tug boats.

“It’s a bit of a silver lining with COVID that there’s not much boat traffic out here. And the whale has a very good chance of getting out into the ocean,” Kils said.

For hours, the whale surfaced every minute or so for a breath, making its way past New York’s shoreline. Which sights like the Empire State building in the background.

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News Link: Humpback Whale Sighted in New-York Harbor – By MK (Editor)


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