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India Receives First Air India One Super Air Carrier

The special made Boeing Aircraft for the use of India’s Prime Minister, President and Vice-President arrives India.  It had reached Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport on 1st October.

It is a custom made Boeing B777-300 ER Aero plane that is made in similarities of US Presidents Air Carrier – The Air Force One.  The Color of the air craft is white and having Indian Flag imprinted on tail and body.  The body will have India’s National Emblem and words India & Bharat in Hindi.

The Air India One aircrafts and configured even better than Air Force One.  They can fly 10000 feet higher the Air Force One.

It is fitted with latest missile defense system that will protect the air craft from any kind of attack from ground and can retaliate if required.  It also includes features of missile signal jammers. It is equipped with all communication systems including video conferencing while flying.  It has also multiple meeting rooms.

This one the first out of two such planes India ordered with Boeing.  The plane will be used mainly for Foreign Trips of Indian Prime Minister.

Indian Prime Ministers New Air Craft

A team of 40 Indian Air Force pilots are trained to operate these flights – news agencies reported.  The new air craft can fly upto 17 hours continuously once filled with fuel.  Existing aircrafts can fly only upto 10 hours with full tank.  Maximum Speed is 900 kmph.

Exact price and delivery of 2nd air craft are not known.


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