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Indian Railways to Benefit from Lockdown

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Taking advantage of the lockdown and reduction in train operation due to the pandemic, the Indian Railways has completed eight major capacity increasing works. This includes the up-grading of the entire 389km railway line from Jhajha in Bihar to Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya junction in UP. Trains can run at 130 mph on this line now. Earlier the track could allow trains to run at 110 kmph.

A senior railway official said the major work done to achieve this feat included up-gradation of tracks from 52 kg to 60kg rails. Similarly, upgrades in sleepers, strengthening of bridges, raising of ballast cushioning and improving the signalling system. He said all stations on the route have been provided with either electronic interlocking or panel interlocking. Meanwhile, major junctions have a route relay interlocking system.

He said that all unmanned level crossings have been removed on this route. This has helped save time for passengers and with the increased line capacity. As a result, We can now run more trains. The benefit will be known once the new time table is applied, said a railway spokesperson.

Railway ministry officials said the national transporter commissioned three supercritical projects with a combined length of 68km. Secondly, three important projects with a combined length of 45km and finally, a new 82km port connectivity line to Paradip during the lockdown period.

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Indian Railways to Benefit from Lockdown


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