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India’s Covid Cases Are Falling; Lowest Recorded In November

News Link: India’s Covid Cases Are Falling; Lowest Recorded In November – By MK (Editor)

India recorded 12.8 lakh new Covid-19 cases in November, the lowest count in four months. Deaths from the virus were the least in five months since June.

The Covid death toll in the country fell sharply in November, with 15,494 fatalities recorded in the month, down from 23,472 in October. The November toll was the lowest since 11,988 deaths reported in the country in June, as per data collated from state governments.

Covid cases dropped by 32% in November compared with the previous month, when some 18.8 lakh fresh infections were recorded. This was the second straight month of falling Covid cases after the country had registered a peak of 26.2 lakh cases in September.

Likewise, the death toll too has been dropping since September, when 33,255 people succumbed to the virus in government records.

Meanwhile, in the week gone by, Maharashtra again emerged as the state logging the highest number of fresh Covid cases. Maharashtra recorded 39,851 new cases during the week (November 22-29), nearly 7,000 more than the number in the previous week. It was after six weeks that the state again reported the highest count of weekly cases in India.

Delhi recorded the second highest tally of 36,785 cases, although the number had dropped sharply from 44,458 in the previous week. The capital thus recorded 6,885 less cases in the week, as compared to the previous one. Logging the sharpest fall in cases among states during the week.

After Delhi, the steepest fall in fresh cases was observed in Andhra Pradesh. Here in AP the week’s count was 2,732 less than the number recorded in the previous week. The count also fell significantly in Haryana (-2,204), Kerala (-1,605), Tamil Nadu (-1,294) and Odisha (-956).

On Monday, India recorded 31,249 fresh infections and 486 fatalities from the virus.

The sharp drop in cases from the previous, when the count was 39,192 can be attributed to lower testing and staff shortages over the weekend. Cases invariably register a drop every Monday for the same reasons. The death toll, however, rose from the previous day’s number of 445.

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News Link: India’s Covid Cases Are Falling; Lowest Recorded In November – By MK (Editor)


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