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iPhone 12 The 5G Enabled Mobile From Apple

iPhone 12 – The most anticipated 5G phone from Apple Inc will finally get its U.S. close up. But the blazing speed it promised will not materialize for most people.

The device claimed can be tap in to 5G, or fifth generation wireless technology. This is theoretically operates as much as 10 to 20 times faster than current 4G wireless networks.

Using the next level 5G enabled device on today’s network is just like having a Ferrari. But using it in your local village and you can’t drive to up to 200 miles per hour, simply because the roads cannot maintain those speeds.

The phone is expected to unveil the new phone at a virtual event on Tuesday. Its like a walk in fire between enticing consumers to upgrade their phones. At the same time not over-promising what 5G can do today.

Review of the iPhone 12 will be out here. Wait for it.

Compiled by – MK (Editor)


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