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Joe Biden – Kamala Harris Wins US Election

News Link: Joe Biden – Kamala Harris Wins US Election

Joe Biden, a fixture in U.S. politics for a half century as a senator and vice president. Completed a long climb to the political summit that included two previous failed presidential bids by defeating President Donald Trump.

When he enters the White House on Jan. 20, Biden, at the age of 78, will be the oldest person ever to assume the office.

Along with Joe Biden, US will also have its First Woman Vice President, the Indian origin Kamala Harris in the White House.

Kamala Harris – The First US Vice President elect Woman

The Democrat from Delaware played up his political experience during a bitter and divisive campaign. Casting himself as a tested leader capable of healing a nation battered by the coronavirus pandemic and providing steadiness after the turbulence of Trump’s presidency.

“With age comes a little bit of wisdom,” he said before the polls closed on Tuesday.

Edison Research and the major U.S. television networks on Saturday projected Biden’s victory over Republican Trump. Trump has escalated his unsubstantiated attacks on the voting process in recent days. Also falsely claiming the election was being “stolen” from him.

Biden unsuccessfully sought the Democratic presidential nomination in 1988 and 2008 before finally securing his party’s blessing this year with strong support among Black voters.

Accepting the nomination in August, he stressed compassion and decency, seeking to draw a contrast with the brash and pugnacious Trump.

“I’ll be an ally of the light,” Biden said, “not the darkness.”

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News Link: Joe Biden – Kamala Harris Wins US Election


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