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Laboratory Manager – Medical Services – Required For Emirates Group Careers

News Link: Laboratory Manager – Medical Services – Required For Emirates Group Careers

Job Purpose

Responsible for all aspects of the proper and most efficient use of the Laboratory facilities at the Emirates Clinic (both on site and satellite future facilities). Including managing the Laboratory budget, ensuring that all operations are established and operated in accordance with the highest possible international standards (NCCLS, ISO and CPA, UK). Laboratory processes include sample collection and analysis, inspection and selection of appropriate reference laboratories, quality assurance programs and audits. The Medical Services Laboratory provides a customised service to eligible Emirates Group. Employees with more than 2,000 patients and in excess of 10,000 tests performed per month. The role will be responsible for managing a team of 10 specialists and technicians. 

Team Management and Development

– Manage, develop and motivate a team of Laboratory Superintendents and Technicians at 2 or more sites. Including setting their PM objectives, monitoring their performance, giving professional advice where required and supporting them on difficult decisions. Laboratory Investigations and Quality Assurance

– Develop, implement and monitor changes to accepted short-term and long term laboratory goals. In accordance with company growth and changes in direction of the Emirates Medical Services Clinic. Act as a reference point on methods, legalities and implications. When there are changes in policy involving laboratory tests for staff.

– Manage, and where required, conduct laboratory test investigations in an accurate, cost effective and timely manner. Ensuring that all relevant international standards are met.  Communicate, as appropriate, any significant laboratory findings with the attending physicians and refer clinical issues to the SVP Medical Services. Demonstrate initiative and knowledge by pre-empting doctors’ requests with suitable additional or alternative testing, when indicated. 

Team Management and Development

– Review performance in all Laboratory Quality Assurance programs. Ensure all laboratory performance meets accepted QA standards.  Liaise with personnel from accrediting bodies or providers of QA programs. On a regular basis to seek their input whenever quality issues cannot be resolved in-house.    Advise the SVP-Medical Services of any deficiencies (either within the scope of laboratory services, or within clinic facilities as a whole). That may be detrimental to patient care.  Identify, devise and implement remedial or corrective measures as appropriate.  Ensure all such events are accurately documented and acknowledged (signature) by all participating parties. Benchmarking Practices

– Develop, maintain and implement improvements or changes to laboratory standards. Prescribed by international and domestic accrediting authorities in a cost-effective and timely manner, whilst maintaining service and quality.

– Conduct regular audits of existing pathology reference laboratories. To ensure they adhere to prescribed international standards and provide a quality service at the best possible price.  Inspect, recommend and prepare agreements with new pathology services, whenever existing providers fail to meet quality, timing or pricing constraints. 

– Ensure by audit, the most up to date IATA requirements for air-transportation of clinical laboratory samples and laboratory reagents to ensure (by audit). that these are being met by all service providers.  Liaise with authorities from the DOHMS and MOH, to ensure the timely delivery of laboratory reagents imported into the UAE.

– Budgets and Procurement

Budgets and Procurement

– Prepare the annual laboratory budget, which includes manpower, operational costs. Such as usage of laboratory consumables, stationery and ongoing equipment maintenance, selection of new or replacement laboratory equipment, etc.   Monitor and track laboratory expenses, analyse deviations and make recommendations for corrective action to ensure cost savings.

– Obtain consumables and equipment for the laboratory by direct contact with vendors.  Negotiate better prices wherever possible.  Deal directly with vendor senior management whenever service levels, or quality of product, fall below expectations or requirements.  Also prepare agreements with vendors, including penalty clauses, as appropriate.  Ensure all agreements for capital equipment purchase meet P&L requirements and approval. 

– Select replacements and new laboratory capital equipment with emphasis placed on the latest technological developments. Documented accurate and precise performance, cost-effectiveness and appropriateness for the workload and location of the facility in which it will be commissioned. Also negotiate annual maintenance contracts for capital equipment. With a focus on continuity of equipment operation and service, whilst keeping costs in mind. Work with Contracts Management for final approval of the contract.

Qualifications & Experience

Qualified as a Medical Technologist (Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology / Medical Science, or equivalent.)  


8 years post-graduate experience as a Generalist Medical Technologist in the areas of biochemistry. Microbiology and haematology in medical institutions that are recognized providers of quality care with current accreditation from an international accrediting body.  Of these, 2-3 years should have been as a supervisor in an area of expertise or in managing a laboratory. Moreover experience in other additional areas of specialisation and experience in the UAE will be an advantage.


Licensed to practice as a Medical Technician in the Emirate of Dubai, by the DOHMS.  Also registered and / or licensed as a Medical Technologist (or equivalent) in the country of qualification.

Salary & Benefits

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Laboratory Manager

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