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Long-Covid May Affect Multiple Body Parts And Mind

Ongoing illness after infection with Corona, sometimes called “Long-Covid”, may not be one syndrome. On the other hand possibly upto four, causing a rollercoaster of symptoms affecting all parts of the body and mind.

In an initial report about term Long-Covid, Britain’s National Institute for Health Research said one common theme among ongoing Corona-patients. Some of whom are seven months or more into their illness. Is that symptoms appear in one physiological area, such as the heart or lungs – only to cease? And then arise again in a different area?.

“This review highlights the detrimental physical and psychological impact that ongoing COVID is having on many people’s lives,”. Said Dr. Elaine Maxwell, who led the report.

Worldwide millions of people linked up on social media and online forums to share their experiences of ongoing COVID-19 symptoms. Some call themselves “long haulers” while others have named their condition “long COVID”.

According to UK-based patient group LongCovidSOS, data from a King’s College London-devised symptom tracker app shows that 10% of Corona patients remain unwell after three weeks. Similarly, up to 5% may continue to be sick for months.

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An elderly Dutch woman has become the first known person to die from catching Covid-19 twice. According to experts, raising serious questions about how long immunity and antibodies can last.



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