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Marketing Analytics Manager (UX) (ID:2100003M) – Emirates Airline Group

News Link: Marketing Analytics Manager (UX) (ID:2100003M) – Emirates Airline Group

Job Purpose

A part of the Marketing Analytics team, this role is key to discover and implement needs for measuring website and digital assets performance across web and App. This includes setting up measurement criteria, work with the business teams and other key stakeholders to determine KPIs, metrics and benchmarks we want to measure to understand overall performance. Not only will you be analysing but also monitoring performance consistently to ensure everything is reporting correctly and functioning as it should, setting up check-in meetings with relevant team members as needed. Lead the capture, analysis and dissemination of marketing data to ensure teams across CCM&B can make real-time, data-driven decisions. Work closely with Strategic Planners, Customer Insights and Customer Strategy & Retention to identify data capture requirements and, along with inputs from relevant teams across the department, design and ensure the implementation of analytics solutions to drive data-driven capabilities.

Job Outline:  

– Build the understanding of and drive requirements across CCM&B for tracking, measurement and reporting. Identify gaps across the department, and work alongside teams to build knowledge of marketing analytics benefits and uses.

– Develop roadmaps for Digital Marketing support across CCM&B teams, and also identifying short and long term opportunities and agreeing on timelines for implementation.

– Build relationships with third parties, partners, suppliers, technology platforms and others to facilitate sourcing of data on performance of campaigns and programs. Ensure KPIs relevant to the CCMB teams can be tracked and measured, such that they can be used in-flight for optimization, post-campaign to gather learnings, or at the start of new campaigns/programs to develop strategies.

– Moreover be accountable for ensuring documentation is created for all measurement frameworks, KPI development and reporting inputs for reference by teams within CCM&B as needed.

Job Outline:

– Oversee the build of automated dashboards, reports and scorecards. Also build training programs and communications for the CCM&B teams.

– Design predictive and forecasting models to support marketing planning and investment decisions across regions and channels. Understand the components of the models and work with internal and external teams to obtain the data necessary to drive the models.

– Remain at the forefront of analytics developments, bringing in new ideas, measurement models, and skillsets to ensure CCM&B remains current and relevant in this regard.

– Drive resolution of data quality issues, working with teams across the CCM&B department, the Emirates Group and external partners to ensure the quality and usability of data.

– Develop and train Marketing Analytics Specialists. Providing guidance and support, and ensuring learning opportunities are made available so that the team continues to learn and grow. Ensure skillsets are developed in line with industry changes. Including changes in marketing technology and data availability as well as marketing channels and practices.

– Maintain compliance to Emirates Group privacy principles. And work with the Data Privacy Network Liaison within CCMB to ensure privacy and security of personal data is considered by design and default in all aspects of the role.

Qualifications & Experience

Marketing & Media Communication.Other : 8+ Years


Degree or Honours (12+3 or equivalent) : Degree preferably in Engineering, Digital Marketing, additionally E-Commerce or equivalent. Also Google Analytics Certification highly desired Experience in a digital marketing analytics in a global organization

Knowledge/ Skills

– A deep understanding of performance driven Digital Marketing Channels. Like Paid Search, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Display Marketing, and also user experience and journeys to conversion.

– Advanced knowledge of Google Analytics Tracking and also reporting like conversion tracking, goals, segmentations, third party.

– Ability to draw insights from data, visualise in order to bring life to numbers and strategic story telling. Intermediate query writing skills and knowledge of SQL, Google Big Query, Google cloud platform etc.

– Basic knowledge of tools used by different digital marketing channels like Doubleclick, Salesforce (Email Marketing) etc.

– Intermediate understanding of different BI tools like Microstrategy and tableau etc.

– Additionally basic knowledge of advanced marketing analytics concepts such as Multi-touch attribution, cross-device journeys,

– Marketing Mix Modelling, regression analysis, visitor cohorts etc.

– Leadership Role : YES

Salary & Benefits

Also join us in a management role and enjoy an attractive tax-free salary. Moreover on top of our generous travel benefits, including discounted flights and hotel stays around the world. This managerial role also has an excellent leave and healthcare package. That’s on top of transport benefits, life insurance and more. Find out what it’s like to live and work in our fast-paced. Cosmopolitan home city in the Dubai Lifestyle section of our website

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