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Moviesda 2021 – HD Tamil Movies Download Website Movies

News Link: Moviesda 2021 – HD Tamil Movies Download Website Movies – By ND Entertainment Desk

Moviesda 2021

Moviesda is a website that allows internet users to download pirated movies, serials and other art forms.  The Indian film as well as foreign film industries suffer a lot from pirated and illegal copies of movies online.  Moviesda and Isaimini along with other notorious sites ( as listed below) make irreparable losses to film industry worldwide.  The main affected industries are Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada.  Hindi films segment also hit worse by the presence of moviesda.

Internet is used by millions of people word wide for many useful things and the usage is multiplying multi folds every second.  Due to this spread of usage, film copied on internet also spreads like pandemic and within no time it reaches every nuke and corner of world. 

The ultimate loser is the film maker.  The film industry is taking advanced measurements in controlling the piracy.  As per latest information received by Newsdune’s entertainment desk, now it is possible to find out the theater from where the film is copied.  This makes movie house owners more vigilant of controlling and stopping film copying.

Source of Film for Moviesda

Moviesda is a part of another illegal site Isaimini.  South Indian movie lovers know this fact very well.  The main source of film by these sites are theaters.  OTT platform copies are also available online.  The technique of copying it from OTT is still not clear.

Moviesda Website Content Quality:

The copy of pirated movies are often comes in HD quality.  The website is made in an organized way as it is made for some multi national company.  Contents are arranged in particular manner like alphabetical order, language wise, year wise, actor-wise, director-wise etc.

For Mobile users of copy films, there is a lighter version of films online too.  Internet speed and data packages make it difficult for a big segment of mobile users to go for HD quality.  To serve this category, a lighter version – that is not very good quality – are also available.

Charges of Movies in Moviesda.

The copies are available to download free of cost.  This makes the website more popular and favorite for many movie lovers. The main income of the pirators are advertisements on website.  Some movies released prior to official release date get a higher number of advertisements.  Naturally that must be making good amount of revenue as well.

What are the movies available in Moviesda?

Almost all main actors’ films of south India film industry are available in this site. Rajnikanth, Mohanlal, Kamalhasan, Mammootty, Dhanush films are favourites.  Movies like Petta and Asuran are downloaded like hot cakes. 

Other Websites like Moviesda

The following are the list of similar sites that releases pirated films

123 Movies









Teluguwap and on…

What are the legal issues of Piracy film downloads?

Also, people need to know that being part of any pirate movie exhibition or recording will get punishment under the Indian Copyright Act 1957. Under this act, if proved to be a party of piracy imprisonment of a minimum of 7 days to maximum 3 years and a fine not less than INR 50,000 and maximum of INR 3,00,000/-

IT Act 2000: As per IT Act, if law enforcement people catch a person with a pirated software, film, or other forms of registered product, He/ She is liable to pay a fine of INR up to 3 Crores.  It is applicable to a person who downloads the pirated products too

Cinematography Act 1952: This act describes punishment terms for a person who illegally records a film from a movie house through camera or mobile device of any portable recording instrument.  The punishment for the same is imprisonment up to 3 years and a fine up to INR 10,00,000.

Trademark Act:  Any logos or private properties that is used in a movie or a serial that is copied and re used without permission from the owner, is liable for a punishment of fine that is not less than INR 50,000/- and an upto INR 2,00,000/- and an imprisonment of minimum 6 months to 3 years.


Newsdunes is not a supporter of piracy either in full or partial.  We encourage people to do ethical and legal things allowed in our country and surrounding.  Please take the advice from above article to stay away from piracy and all other illegal activities and ensure a smooth running of legal and original products and services.

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