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Music Mends Minds – Read How

Music Mends Minds – Social distancing rules have helped protect the aged people in Covid-19. But being alone and few social relation has had a crushing effect on their mental and emotional health.

Studies show that for seniors, social distancing increases the risk of developing Loss of memory by nearly 50%. For those already experiencing signs of decline, it’s taking an even greater toll.

Many of the scientific evidence shows that listening and playing music is helping people with neurodegenerative diseases.

“Music is a language of the brain. It is a complex, hearing language and it moves the brain in many different ways. It sparks feelings, thinking, the motor system,” said Dr. Michael Thaut, director of the Music and Health Science Research Department at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Thaut says musical touch can bring down moments of confusion or concern. He looks up memory as a net work that can be opened by music.

Thaut adds “When a musical memory is started in people with memory problems, they don’t just remember the song, they also usually remember some other own memories that are connected, they remember at least for a moment where they are and who they are. And that can lead to very good, important moments, sometimes very touching scenes where there is a reconnect for a moment, a recall.”

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