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New ‘Monoliths’ Reported In Netherlands And Colombia

News Link: New ‘Monoliths’ Reported In Netherlands And Colombia – By MK (Editor)

After the United States, Romania and Britain, a monolith has been spotted in Netherlands and another in Colombia.

A group of hikers were left intrigued after they spotted a metallic column in a nature reserve in a village in Oudehorne. The steel pillar was spotted on Sunday next to a small pool of water, surrounded by trees.

The Dutch organisation for the management of forests and national reserves, Staatsbosbeheer. Told that they have no idea where the column came from but said it will be examined.

“It was a big shiny metal thing,” Thijs de Jong told the broadcaster. “I walked up to it, but there was nothing to be seen around the monolith. It was just as if it was placed from above. It certainly took two or more people to place it there.”

Like the other monoliths, this one also vanished a day after it was spotted. Leeuwarder Courant reported that the structure vanished after attracting groups of people to Oudehorne. That meant tourists who arrived on Monday left disappointed.

The owner of the property, who wanted to remain anonymous. Told the local news paper that he wasn’t happy with the publicity.

Meanwhile, another metallic structure was found in South America, but this time it was golden in colour. Photos and videos on social media showed a gold-coloured monolith in the municipality of Chía.

The monolith was found in a field. El Tiempo reported that preliminary information showed it was found by some workers over the week end in the early hours. No one has claimed credit for putting up the structure.

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News Link: New ‘Monoliths’ Reported In Netherlands And Colombia – By MK (Editor)


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