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New PlayGo N82 Truly Wireless

News Link: New PlayGo N82 Truly Wireless – By MK (Editor)

Gets the basics right Priced at Rs 2999. The Play Go comes with ANC, Extra Bass mode, support for Google Assistant, and more.

TWS earbuds market is getting competitive with every passing day. There are a plethora of options to choose from in every price bracket but the transition from wired to truly wireless might not be easy. And that is where the neckbands kick in. They are nothing but a more convenient option for users who find the shift from wired to truly wireless a bit cathartic. While the neckband earbuds market is not as widely explored and diversified as the truly wireless, it is slowly getting there.

In this article, we would focus on neckband earbuds by Micromax’s sister company, PlayGo N82. Play has released many wearables in the past including the TWS earbuds and smart bands. But the PlayGo N82 is the company’s latest entry in the audio market.

New PlayGo N82

There is not much room for a spectacular design in neckband earbuds as most feature a basic design. N82 features a slim rubber neckband with plastic controllers on either end that rest on your collar bone. There is nothing fancy about the way the neckband looks. PlayGo could have used metal accents in place of plastic to jazz up the controllers a bit. It feels a bit plasticky.

More Features

Apart from the mundane design, the neckband is quite flexible. You can easily stuff it in your handbag if you do not want to hang it around your neck. The plastic ends also make it lightweight so you would not feel the weight.

The buttons including the power on and off button, volume rockers, extra bass, and the ANC buttons. The buttons are not really clicky and I had to press them really hard to get the job done. The power button especially is way too rigid.

On the left side, there is a USB port which is protected by a flap when not in use. PlayGo could have totally used a Type-C port here but never mind.

Now coming to the earbuds. The earbuds come with a soft matte finish and flat metal rear. The metal at the back of earbuds also doubles up as a magnet that holds two earbuds together. In an entirely plasticky design, the metal accents on the earbuds did give a bit of a premium feel.

The USP of the Play Go N82 is the ANC, which is not a common sight in the budget wireless earbuds. The company has fitted an extra bass mode, noise-reduction and echo cancellations, voice assist, and more.

For both the ANC, Extra Bass Mode that is supposed to enhance the bass. Play has provided two dedicated buttons on the left side. The ANC that is the highlight of the device didn’t make much of a difference. As it is, the in-air silicone earbuds do manage to filter out extra noise because it sort of covers the entire ear canal. So the ANC did not get a chance to put up a nice show there! It wasn’t as effective as it has been in some of the mid-range earbuds.

The N82 13mm internal driver produces crisp and clear sound. The bass is punchy and not overpowering.

As far as the call quality is concerned, both parties could hear each other quite clearly. So there was no lag there!

The company claimed that the Play Go can go on for 16 hours on a single charge. It pretty much lived up to the claim.

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News Link: New PlayGo N82 Truly Wireless – By MK (Editor)


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