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Ola Electric Scooters in India Loaded With Features Matching Hi-End Luxury Cars

News Link: Ola Electric Scooters in India Loaded With Features Matching Hi-End Luxury Cars – By ND Auto Desk

Ola Electric had introduced two electric scooter variants in India.  The Basic model is named as S1 and the Advanced model is S1 Pro.  The company is aiming to go green in terms of mobility as per the directives of Indian Prime Ministers Atmanirbhar & Make In India programs.

Ten Colors of OLA Electric Scooters

They also claim that India need to be having No.1 position in Green Energy and Green Transportation system in coming days.

The introduction of these models are amid increasing popularity of electric vehicles in India.  The booking of the scooter can be done with just INR 499/- online.

Price of Ola Electric Scooter Is Less Than A Lakh

Price of the S1 model is INR 99,999/- and the S1 Pro model is INR 129,999/-. 

The Ola Electric Scooters are available in Five Colors when S1 is the option.  In S1 Pro model, the color options are ten.

Name of Ola Electric Scooter is S1 & S1 Pro

Technical Specifications of Ola Electric Scooter S1 and S1 Pro

Specification Model: OLA S1Model: OLA S1 Pro
Mileage per full charge121 KM181KM
Peak Motor Power8.5kW8.5kW
Reaching 0 to 40 KM4.1 Seconds3 Seconds
Maximum Speed90 KMPH115 KMPH
Driving ModesNormal, SportsNormal, Sports, Hyper

Powerful Scooter Battery

The battery of the scooter claims to have 30% more capacity than any other scooter in the category. At Home, charging full requires 6 hours.  But charging at OLA hyper charging system all over India, it requires only 18 minutes for 50% charging.

The scooter has a reverse gear system with a single button.  The touch screen panel will give alert as well.  

The Grey Ola Electric Scooter

The front and rear wheels are having disc brake system.  It has a very good center of gravity for greater stability.  Extra wide tires adds up to the comfortable ride. 

One fantastic feature of the scooter is the Cruise Control System.  Normally it is available only in high-end luxury passenger cars. 

Technology Used In Ola Scooters                            

The Vehicle is having no physical key.  Lock, Unlock, Control are through mobile application (app). Scooter has a Seven-Inch touch screen with 3GB ram dash board and odo meter.  It is having 4G, Wifi & Bluetooth connectivity.  The screen has almost everything from navigation to battery status to music to calendar.       

The scooter will sense the presence of real owner when he or she is near within a meter of the scooter.  Similarly, when they are away, scooter will get locked as well. 

Even though no sound is there on the run, the rider can set required sound that compliments his or her mood.  From Tambura strings to racing car sounds and endless.

The Blue Ola E Scooter

It has built in speakers that will play all the sounds horns, music, alerts etc.  Rider can pick up phone calls while playing music with a single tap or voice command.

It is having voice recognition system of the owner as well.  Also it is having the maximum carriage space in its kind of vehicles.

As per the company statement, the delivery of the booked vehicles will start in October 2021.  It will be on First come first serve basis on bookings that will start on 15th September 2021.

Price comparison chart of OLA S1 & OLA S1 Pro in Indian Cities

UT / StateModel: OLA S1Model: OLA S1 Pro
All Other Indian States99,999129,999
* Prices are in Indian Rupees, Calculated after State Incentives on Electric Vehicles.

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Ola Electric Scooters in India Loaded With Features Matching Hi-End Luxury Cars


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