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One India One Pension-OIOP

News Link: One India One Pension-OIOP

As the name says, it is about a pension scheme for all Indians. The movement was started as a WhatsApp group in India. Specifically, from the Southern state of Kerala. It is learnt that the initiative was started by Mr. Bibin Chacko, Biju M Joseph and Vinod K Jose.

All the 14 districts had WhatsApp group that governs the issues of the district.
The motto of the movement or the initiative as per the founders is to provide a decent amount of pension to all Indians who have crossed the age of 60. The group got momentum in gaining public attention very fast.

What is the motto?

As per the founders and the members of OIOP, a minimum of INR 10,000/- pension allowance given to all those who crossed the age of 60. Now the scenario is that approximately 2% of retired government employees are getting a substantially higher amount of pension whereas common tax payer gets nothing when he or she crosses 60 years.

OIOP spokespersons say government employees were serving the country or state with the tax money of a common man who paid direct and indirect tax during his whole life. They are not saying equality in the pension amount, but a minimum of 10000k will keep everyone lead a decent life. This is possible if the government regulates the pension giving amount to current beneficiaries.

Indian people from all phases of life and all over the world seem to have got interested in the movement. The growth of the groups and enthusiasm by the members in it shows that. The WhatsApp group got filled fast and it reached its maximum number of members it can contain within no time.

The WhatsApp group members moved into a Facebook group to overcome the limitation of total members. On 31 July 2019, the FB Page came into the public domain.

As per the latest figures available, it has more than 685000 members.

Approving member requests itself became a task for the founders of the page. They had to add Moderators to do the job and to approve the posts from active members.
Seeing the growth pace of the group, too many pages started to appear in the social media platform Facebook. Now it is nearly a dozen of One India One Pension pages are available. All using same or little hanged logo of OIOP.

Also, movements and videos from different parts including Government staff and pension eligible people are streaming against OIOP movement.

Members are closely watching Government and mainstream media houses and print houses’ response to the movement.

Compiled by – News Team in Kochi.

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News Link: One India One Pension – OIOP


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