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Plasma Samples In Vials Not Benefitting Treatment Much

News Link: Plasma Samples In Vials Not Benefitting Treatment Much

Using the blood of recovered COVID-19 patients – or so-called convalescent plasma as a possible treatment is of little benefit. It’s not helping hospitalized patients fight off the infection, according to results of a clinical trial in India.

Published in the BMJ British Medical Journal on Friday, the results show that convalescent plasma failed to perform. The Plasma delivers antibodies from COVID-19 survivors to infected people. But it failed to reduce death rates or halt progress to severe disease.

The findings are from a study of more than 400 hospitalized COVID-19 patients. This is a problem for a treatment that U.S. President Donald Trump touted in August as an “historic breakthrough”. The United States and India have authorised convalescent plasma for emergency use.

Similarly, countries including Britain, are collecting donated plasma so that it could be widely rolled out if shown to be effective.

“The trial was able to show a small effect on the rate at which patients were able to rid themselves of the virus. But this was not enough to improve their recovery from the disease,”. Simon Clarke, expert cellular microbiology at the University of Reading told reporters.

The Indian researchers enrolled 464 adults with confirmed moderate COVID-19 who were admitted to hospitals across India between April and July. They were randomly split into two groups. One group receiving two transfusions of convalescent plasma, 24 hours apart, alongside best standard care. On the other hand, the control group with standard care only.

After 7 days, the use of convalescent plasma seemed to improve some signs, such as shortness of breath and weakness. The researchers said and led to higher rates of something known as “negative conversion”. Indeed a sign that the virus is being neutralized by antibodies.

But this did not help to a reduction in deaths or progression to serious disease by 28 days.

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News Link: Plasma Samples In Vials Not Benefitting Treatment Much


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