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PM Modi Says COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Available In A Week

News Link: PM Modi Says COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Available In A Week – By MK (Editor)

Going by expert opinion, India will not have to wait for a vaccine against Covid-19 for long. The first shots could be available in a matter of weeks, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told while discussing the pandemic situation.

PM earlier on Vaccine Distribution

The PM said the pricing of the vaccine will be based on keeping public health interests in mind and after discussion with state governments. He strongly asked political leaders attending the meeting to dispel rumors about the vaccine. Said unfounded claims would hurt the fight against the virus. His reference seemed to be the recent controversy over an adverse event during a vaccine trial. Concerns over “vaccine hesitancy” in the wider public.

“Rollout of the vaccine will begin as soon as scientists wave the green flag,” Modi said. He added that there were eight vaccines being developed that would be manufactured in India. He showed confidence that progress on the vaccine front had strengthened India’s fight against the disease. Firmly said that given the resurgence of Covid-19 in parts of the world, the need to use masks and observe hygiene would remain.

He broadly confirmed reports on India’s priority making plan for the vaccine. Health and frontline workers and elderly people who are vulnerable to the virus would receive the shots first. He said India’s policies are based on scientific and expert advice. This had made good results in terms of disease control, treatment, and lower deaths. This will continue to be the case, he added.

Modi said the Centre and state teams were working together on vaccine strategy.

India has vaccine distribution expertise and capacity.

We are far better than several other countries in this regard. We have a vast and experienced vaccination net work and the country will make use of these things, he added.

The PM says some additional cold chain equipment and other logistics will be requiring. Evaluation of the same will do with help of state governments.
India has developed special software, Covin, in which users of vaccines and real-time information about the availability and storage of the vaccine will be available. “A special task force is setting up for vaccine research with technical experts. Officials from related ministries and officers from each zone,” PM added.

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News Link: PM Modi Says COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Available In A Week – By MK (Editor)


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