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TamilRockers Latest URL News

News Link: TamilRockers Latest URL News

Tamil is an infamous website popularly known among Indian movie fans, especially youngsters from southern India.  The reason for the southern population is because it is a south Indian language name of Tamil Nadu state.

This is a pirate film upload site.  It provides latest films of Tollywood, Bollywood, Mollywood and even Hollywood films.  It also uploaded famous TV series Big Boss in episode by episode.

When is the Film Uploading?

In normal cases, it is just after official release of new films online or in Movie Houses.  At times, it also releases films even before the official release of the film.

Is Tamil Rockers a Legal Site?

Under Indian Piracy related law and guidelines, it is a crime to upload films or other intellectual properties online without having official right for the same.  Tamil rockers is not among them.  It uploads pirated versions of new movies and series.

 What Language Films are uploaded?

Mainly New Tamil movies of popular actors, Hindi Movies, Telugu Movies, Malayalam Movies are few among Indian languages along with Hollywood films.

Started When ?

The Tamil Rockers site is there online since the year 2011.  This was due to the reason of internet availability became popular then.  

Is it known to Governments?

Yes, India Government banned operation of Tamil Rockers from operating it.  Also, few members from its operational side were also got arrested few years ago.  But with latest technology, they keep on uploading films from different URL addresses of different locations.

What is Latest URL of Tamilrockers?

During November 2020, the site available was  Soon it may change. i.e., even before this news clip is published.

What are the latest films in the site?

The Surgical Strike, Super 30, Kabir Singh, Article 15, Uri, and the high earning film – Avengers: Endgame of year 2019

Is it Legal to DOWLOAD from such sites?

It is not only legal to download films and series from such sites, but also punishable under Piracy Law of almost all countries.  No country is in favor of Piracy.  Readers are requested not to do such acts.


Newsdunes is not a supporter of piracy either in full or partial.  We encourage people to do ethical and legal things allowed in our country and surrounding.  Please take the advice from the above article to stay away from piracy and all other illegal activities and ensure a smooth running of legal and original products and services.

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News Link: TamilRockers Latest URL News


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