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Tauktae Cyclone – Kerala-Gujarat Residents On High Alert

News Link: Tauktae Cyclone – Kerala-Gujarat Residents On High Alert – By ND News Desk

A cyclone started from Lakshadweep area in Arabian sea with a speed of 07 kmph is strengthening and moving north. The name of it is Tauktae Cyclone.

As per the bulletin released by Indian Meteorological Department, it will reach Gujarat by 18th May 2021.

It is moving towards north through the coastal line of Kerala, Goa and Gujarat. Districts of Northern Kerala put on high alert. Chellanam in Eranakulam District is almost devastated by the effect of Tauktae.

The cyclone started showing its effects when it started itself. Big waves from Arabian sea is encroaching shores of Kerala coastal line as a whole. Rough seas had demolished protective barriers at sea shores many places in Kerala.

Hundreds of houses got destroyed and residents are homeless now. Due to covid protocol, people are not able to go to relief centers as well. The relief centres have limitation in accommodating people due to space issue of the protocol.

The Origin of the cyclone is just 120 Km away from Kannur of Kerala State. This will intensify gradually and reach Gujarat by 18th May.

Heavy rain fall prediction is there in places of Kerala, Karnataka, Goa,Tamil Nadu and Gujarat – especially coastal line. Slight effect is going to happen at south west parts of Rajasthan as well.

Wind Warning:

The places mentioned above has a fair chance of having wind prior to Tauktae arrival. The speed of wind can go upto 85 kmph.

Indian Meteorological Department on Tauktae

Rough sea conditions awaiting Kerala, TamilNadu, Karnataka, Goa, and Gujarat states.

Furthermore, fishermen should not go for fishing these days as a safety measure.

Tauktae Cyclone – Kerala-Gujarat Residents On High Alert

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