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Thailand Strengthens The Measures To Control COVID-19 Spread

Thailand has recorded its first two locally transmitted cases of the coronavirus in more than one month, the COVID-19 administration center said on Saturday.

It said in its daily report that the cases were among two Myanmar nationals living near the border with Myanmar, where infections have been surging recently.

Those two people tested on Oct. 13. They showed no symptoms but results were positive, the center said in the statement. The last known local case was in early September.

From the beginning of the pandemic worldwide, Thailand had only reported 56 mortalities from just above 3200 total infections known to authorities.

It is interesting know that how a country of 70 million residents and a favorite tourist place managed that figure. One of the reasons cited is nasal irrigation. Many Thai people do the exercise of cleansing their noses daily with water as a part of yoga therapy.

The city Laos had only less than 20 cases reported so far. The Nasal irrigation is a remedy rather preventive thing for illnesses like flu and cold too.

The main reason of Covid infection is the accumulation of virus in the nasal area. The infected person may look healthy and even not knowing that he is carrying the decease. But a person who practices Yoga and Nasal irrigation has minimal chance to get affected with corona. The virus get cleaned every time he performs the yoga part. Thus, virus too getting washed away.

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Thailand Strengthens The Measures To Control COVID-19 Spread,

Thailand Strengthens The Measures To Control COVID-19 Spread



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