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Twitter Is In Trouble over the Geotag Issue

News Link: Twitter Is In Trouble over the Geotag Issue

Social media giant Twitter runs the risk of facing suspension and even being blocked in India. The government warning the company of legal consequences over the issue of showing Leh as part of Jammu and Kashmir. It is instead a Union Territory of Ladakh. An FIR can also be filed against Twitter India’s top officials.

Top sources in the government said they viewed the matter as “a deliberate attempt by Twitter. Social media platform is trying to undermine the will of sovereign Parliament of India”, which had declared Ladakh as a Union Territory of India with its headquarters in Leh.

The government had issued a notice to the company on Monday, seeking its response by the close of this week.

Earlier after Leh portrayed as part of China, India sent a notice to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.

The information and technology ministry sent the notice on Monday to the company’s global Vice President. Asking him to explain within five working days as to “why legal action should not be initiated against Twitter and its representatives for disrespecting the territorial integrity of India by showing incorrect map”, the sources said.
If Twitter fails to act after the current notice, then the government will take legal action. “We can file an FIR against the head of Twitter in India under the Criminal Laws Amendment Act, 1961. The charge will be tampering with the map of India. There could be a jail of six months under this provision.”

The other legal action being mulled by the government could be Section 69A of the IT Act.

“Access to the company’s resource, app, or website can be blocked under this provision for questioning the territorial integrity of India or displaying content that threatens territorial integrity.” Serious action will follow if Twitter doesn’t follow-up by tomorrow evening, sources said.

Twitter spokesperson said that the company has already shared a comprehensive response to the government. “Twitter remains committed to partnering with the Government of India. Also with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to serve the public conversation. We have duly responded to the letter and, as part of our correspondence, shared a comprehensive update with the latest developments regarding the geo-tag issue. The spokesperson said.

“Work within Twitter on displaying the Union Territory tag is underway and it should finish by November end.” The IT ministry viewed the matter as “serious” and IT secretary Ajay Prakash Sawhney had written write to Dorsey on October 21. Initially, after the location setting that was showing Leh in China. The matter of Chinese location has been resolved, but Leh is now showing as part of Jammu and Kashmir. Sawhney asked Dorsey to respect India’s sensitivities.

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News Link: Twitter Is In Trouble over the Geotag Issue


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