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UAE To Grant Citizenship To Selected Categories Of Foreign Nationals

News Link: UAE To Grant Citizenship To Selected Categories Of Foreign Nationals – By ND Editor’s Desk

The U A E on Saturday announced a law that would grant Emirati citizenship to select immigrants.

This is the latest in a series of social reforms the country has launched a few months ago. This includes students who can support their parents and having the long-term Golden Visa. The aim is to attract tourists and keep unique talents and their families in the country.

Here is a list of all the latest residential changes announced by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Deputy President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, on Saturday. 

As per the law, the following categories of residents and their families are eligible for citizenship:

– Investors: Those who own a property in the U A E

– Scientists & Engineers: An Active Researcher in a University Or Research Centre with Experience not less than 10 years

– Doctors: Those who have specialized in a unique scientific discipline or other discipline that is highly required in the U A E

– Artists & Authors: Nationally and Internationally accredited personalities

– Inventors: Those who have obtained one or more patents that are approved by UAE Ministry Of Economy or Other International reputable body.

In October last year, Dubai launched a program that allows foreign migrants to stay in the area while continuing to work for their employers in their home country.

The move gives remote workers – and their families – the opportunity to migrate to Dubai every year and enjoy a safe and high quality life backed by a strong digital infrastructure that provides seamless connectivity.

Applicants must have a minimum six-month medical passport. Also health insurance with access to the U A E, proof of employment with a current employer with a one-year contract permit and a minimum wage of $ 5,000 per month. The applicant must also produce a payment slip and bank statements for the past three months.

Previous Announcements:

In 2019, the U A E implemented a long-term residency visa program. The system allows immigrants to live, work and study in the U A E without the need for a national sponsor and 100 % ownership of their business in the U A E soil. These visas are issued for 5 or 10 years and will be renewed automatically.

In November last year, the U A E approved the issuance of a ten-year gold residency visa to several professional classes.  Such visas are also given to special talents and researchers; and brilliant students with promising scientific skills.

All P h D holders, all doctors, all computer engineers, electronics, systems, electronics, electronics and operating technologies can get new residence visas. People who get high marks (3.8 or higher) from accredited universities will also receive Gold Visa.

In September 2018, the U A E Cabinet approved a law to grant 55 year old retired residents a long-term visa for a period of five years.

To qualify for a five year retirement visa, a person must meet one of the following criteria:

– Invest in an area worth Dh 2 million

– Have financial savings of not less than Dh 1 million

– Have a working salary of not less than Dh 20,000 per month.

Medical visa:

In 2017, the country announced the introduction of an updated medical visa. This allows foreign patients to get individual or group visas for 90 days. This review is based on an application from the hospital.

Special visa:

In 2018, the U A E Cabinet issued a resolution. That granting citizen of war-torn and disaster stricken countries a one-year stay visa. It also allowed widows, divorced women, and their children to renew their one-year stay without a sponsor visa. This can renew once.

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News Link: UAE To Grant Citizenship To Selected Categories Of Foreign Nationals – By ND Editor’s Desk


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