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US Insist TikTok Ban

News Link: U.S Insist Tiktok Ban

U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration has insisted on the need to ban TikTok. It is because of national security concerns in a new court filing ahead of a plan to make the video app unavailable on November 12.

The filing comes as the court considers the legality of the administration’s bid to make Tiktok unavailable. The Chinese-owned app is unavailable in the United States, where it has 100 million users.

The Trump administration is seeking to persuade the judge too. The move in the case to allow Government to move forward with restrictions on the video-sharing app. The Administration claims has links to the Chinese government through its parent firm ByteDance.

In September, a temporary injunction prevented the government from removing TikTok from mobile application download platforms.

That Trump administration order had sought to ban new downloads of the app. But it will continue to allow the use of TikTok until November 12, when all usage would be blocked.

The judge at the time denied TikTok’s request to suspend the November 12 ban. Even though the court has yet to consider the merits of the legal arguments on whether the social platform should remain available to Americans.

TikTok has repeatedly defended itself against allegations of data transfers to the Chinese government.

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News Link: US Insist Tiktok Ban


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