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UAE – You can now apply for an extension of your entry permit online.

According to a report, it is now possible to request an extension for an entry permit online via the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customers, and Ports Security’s website or smart app. Those who meet all requirements and conditions may be granted the extension within 48 hours.

According to a report in the Arabic daily Emarat Al Youm, the extension period is determined by the type of entry permit issued. It also stated that the smart service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Steps to apply for an extension:

  • Register and create an account in the smart service system.
  • Apply and pay the required fees.

However, the report stated that the sponsored person’s passport must be valid for at least 6 months, and that the application for tourist entry permits should be handled by the relevant tourism company.

A 30-day extension is valid twice and costs Dh610. According to the paper, a 30-day extension application for GCC residents costs Dh260 and must be accompanied by a passport copy.

In three cases, the extension may exceed a month;

  1. Health care entry permits – which could be extended to 90 days for Dh510.
  2. The entry permit of those who accompany GCC citizens, which could be extended for 60 days for Dh260
  3. Study permits — which could be extended for 90 days for Dh610.

According to the paper, the new regulations also specified the length of stay for visit entry permits. The period will be determined based on the purpose of the visitor’s visit and at the discretion of the authority, and it must not exceed one year.

As stated in the paper, the head of the authority can extend the visit entry permit if there is a serious reason for the request and all fees are paid.


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