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Dear Reader, Welcome to newsdunes

We would like to clarify some vital points about our privacy policy:

We are committed to protect your privacy and respect that.  You are requested to go through this policy details and pay attention on clauses and conditions mentioned herein. By using our services, you are confirming that you are agreeing to our privacy policy.  By the term ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ mean that the owner of the website ‘’, Pathanamthitta, Kerala, India and ‘you’ &’your’ means that the user who is an individual or entity.

There is no payment details or credit card details we collect. We may collect your name, email address, region / location etc. as basic information that are required to send you notifications about offers and opportunities and or breaking news.  This information could be the one collected directly from you or other external sources.  At times, we may get the above-mentioned details from your social media accounts or our linked sites whom with similar data sharing agreements that are providing advertisements or leads of offers etc.  or even from your mail that we received.  In order to provide you offers through technology related campaigns, your computer or mobile ID, IP address etc. may get recorded in our system – which is harmless being a general category data.  This data is collected to send you news, advertisements and other products and services pertaining to a particular area and requests of that area etc.  We use it also for sending you information and changes etc time to time.

We may be sharing the data with only to those who have an agreement with us as mentioned above and those who use it with the same seriousness, importance and respect we give.  In most cases, those types of entities will be our sister concerns or associates.  We hope that we have made it sufficiently clear how important requirement of these data sharing and storing to provide services and news.

Keeping the confidentiality of the data, we may by ourselves or our third-party service providers may be sending you news or contacting you through by different modes of communications with offers that may include some format to fill.  This could be to offer you something special or know your tastes or a general type of statistical exercise.  You are requested to go through and understand the privacy policy of websites you reach by clicking the link that is present in our website.  There is a possibility of difference in privacy terms even if the business platform and nature look same.

Regarding safeguarding the data, we use latest technological tools such as anti-hacking systems etc. and multi-level secured systems to store the same.  These technical facilities are updated and upgraded time to time to cop up with latest threats.  You can always amend and enquire about your date through available communication modes in the site.  We request you to keep the cookie policy of your computer and gadgets on ‘enabled’ mode which will help us sending you latest news and offers as and when it happens according to your search options and interest.

Whenever you are asked to put a password in pop-ups and links, we provide to you, remember to keep the password safe by not sharing it with anyone.  Understand that this carry a high amount of data breach risk. Always remember to sign out from sites after the required work if you are logged into one.

As you are aware it is not cent percent safe to transmit or share data though internet.  At times hackers over smart technology.  Even though we make our best effort to keep it as safe as possible, it is not a guarantee from our side that it is completely protected without loop holes.  And we do not take responsibility of such leaks and hacks that are beyond control.

Due to changes that happen with updated terms and conditions of internet and website usages worldwide, we too may change the privacy policy terms as and when required to safeguard interest of the site.  You are requested to read it on regular intervals if you too are keen to know the changes in our policies.  You may also get clarifications though our mail in case of any clarification needed and we strive to resolve issues as early as possible.


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